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WELDON was established in 2006,

we are a professional manufacturer engaged in the

research, development, production, sale and service

of parcel box, mailbox , cafe barrier, bbq projects,

different metal box etc.


In addition, we have obtained ISO9001 certificates.
Our products are exported to clients all over the
world and regions such as Germany, UK, Spain,
Australia, USA, Japan and other countries.

WELDON Services 
Wide variety of in-house services including: 
Lase Cutting, Plasma Cutting, CNC Machining, NC Punching, Forming & Rolling,
Welding Service, Powder Coat Painting, Assembly, International Delivery
We have served, but are not limited to the following industries
• Computer Peripherals: Networking/Storage/ Communications/CD Duplication 
• Self Service Machines: ATM, Lottery, Ticket Dispensing, Movie CD 
• Gaming and Entertainment      
 • Scientific Test & Measurement 
• Printing Equipment
        • Acoustics and Audio    
• Flat Screen TV Mounts  
• Medical Appliance Devices    
• Security and Surveillance
• Digital Display and Sign - LCD, LED, OLED 


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